Winter in South Africa and Free Shawl Patterns

Hello lovelies!

So, how many of you have a super long queue on Ravelry? Yup! That’s me over here, too! I can’t help myself! When I see so many beautiful, inspiring, awesome patterns, it’s hard not to wish to be able to make everything I find.

Lately I’m loving shawl patterns. There’s something magical about wrapping yourself up on a chilly day with your very own handmade shawl. Here in South Africa, it’s been an interesting Winter, with super chilly mornings, hot afternoons, and cool evenings. Obviously, it’s thrown me for a loop with the opposite seasons that I’m used to! And luckily since I’m on the coast, it’s not as bad as further inland. However, going to the beach still calls for a shawl, which makes it easy for when it warms up as the day progresses!

Perusing around Ravelry, I came upon the Now in a Minute shawl (below). As a novice knitter, this shawl doesn’t look too difficult to give up on, but difficult enough that I won’t get bored with the project.  And the crescent shape and cool edging makes it especially interesting!



Also in my queue is the Bamboo Wedding Shawl (below). Can you say simple elegance? I love the chevron pattern, and it’s so simple that you can wear it with anything! From jeans and a t-shirt, to a little black dress with sling backs.



For the crocheters out there, I’m loving Lisa’s Shawl (below)! And it looks fairly easy to follow, and…. it’s embellished with beads! How awesome is that? Have any of you tried adding beads to your work? I feeling that this pattern should be pushed to the front of my queue. What do you think? And, just like the Bamboo Wedding Shawl, you can dress it up, or wear it casually. The length is also great for breezy days at the beach!




So, there you have it! My current faves from Ravelry!  Comment below, and let me know what your Ravelry favorites are.  Are there any that you’ve tried and loved or hated? More difficult or easier than you thought?  I’m always looking to add to my queue!