A Crazy Two Months, and Moving Forward

Wow! Has it been a while!! Well, I’m still here 😉

So, here goes:

3000+ miles of flying

+ 32 hours of travel time

+ Countless hours of shopping for a new home

+ Many beautiful memories along the way


= Finally settling in Florida!!!

Yup! We’re here to stay! We had a great time while in FL!  And, lots of changes! But first, the fun stuff!  We had a great time roaming around the world at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival! We went around about four or five times. I lost track, and we didn’t take as many pictures as we would’ve liked.  But the one that stands out: Me…. enjoying the champagne, a little too much! 😛


We had a great time driving all over Central Florida, too.  While home shopping we made time to enjoy the quiet moments: walking around a lake in just a regular neighborhood, viewing the marina at St. Pete.. just taking in all the things we miss out on when we’re running around in our busy lives.

IMG_3191 IMG_3287

And I’ll never forget that feeling of finally deciding on a home and signing off on it!


The best part, of course, was having a bottle of wine later that night, under the stars on our soon-to-be lot…. all while watching the Disney fireworks! My beau is so romantic 😉

But I must say, during our “vacation,” I didn’t get much knitting done (as you can see above).  But now that all of the technicalities of home buying are out of the way, we’re getting settled, and I’m hitting the needles once more!

So, the little knitting I have done, include:

  • A cabled scarf, that’ll make a great Christmas gift


  • I decided to add a fringe, which I cut down evenly


  • And, I *started* a lace scarf for my mom…. which I ripped back, and decided not to continue… Anyone else have issues working with lace weight yarn?


On the dyeing front:

I ordered a batch of worsted, 100% Merino wool in 218 yard skeins.  Little did I realize (and it’s entirely my fault), that they are *feltable* and not superwash.  It makes it a little more tricky to work with and care for, unless, of course, you want to felt your end project.  Which would make super cozy mittens, actually!


  • I dyed up these two skeins as testers.  The yellow came out brighter than expected on the second skein.


  • But the end results came out pretty good! This one definitely reminds me of sherbet! Yummmmm!

IMG_3415 IMG_3442

  • And the bright yellow contrasts great with the violet color! This one is almost a dead ringer for Pointellist artist Georges Lemmen’s “Beach at Heist” (Belgium, 1891). It harkens those vivid dreams that you have when you’re super tired (from knitting all night, right?)

IMG_3417 IMG_3450

Georges Lemmen  Beach at Heist  Brussels, Belgium 1891

Georges Lemmen’s “Beach at Heist” (Belgium, 1891)

  • Recently, I dyed up these two skeins… looks like spaghetti…


  • Not sure of this colorway, but if it didn’t remind me of spaghetti, I’d like it much more haha


  • For this one, I hand-painted it in a rosy pink and pale green…


Still waiting for these last ones to dry up, so I can twist them up and….. list them! I’m really excited to be setting up my very first listings for my Etsy shop, opening soon!!!!!

I’m also waiting for some more dyes to arrive so I can get to making larger batches!

All of these changes have been amazing: moving back to The States, finding a new home, settling down, getting over the “starting over” mentality, finally getting to that wedding planning (that’s been put off for two years), dyeing my favorite yarns, and opening my own shop of hand-dyed yarns.  I’ve truly been blessed! And it goes to show, all that persistence, patience, and perseverance, really does pay off in the end!

I hope all of you are also making wonderful progress in your own lives, and that you enjoy every minute of it; because even if you’re having hard times, it can only get better.  Never give up on your dreams and your goals!

Even if you can’t see it right now, the sun is still shining above those dark clouds!

Love and many, many blessings!


“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine


My Cable Obsession and Free Cable Patterns

Good Saturday, loves!

So this has been a hectic week with all of the renovations STILL going on! On top of that, we’re STILL waiting for a stove… Luckily, that stove is coming this week, and I can finally start cooking at home again. I’m so over take-aways and salad! Don’t get me wrong, salads are great, and healthy, and are wonderful on hot days…. But I’m missing the process of cooking, and experimenting with recipes, and just plain sitting down to a hot meal…

On top of all of that, we’ve had a change of plans, and will start re-packing everything again… That deserves a post of its own!

On the knitting front, I’ve started The Vacation Knit, and although I was a little apprehensive, since it’s my first cable project, I’m doing very well. I did choose this one based on the fact that it looked like an easy knit. And the pattern is easy to memorize, as well. So I can pick it up at any point and continue on.  I feel as though I could be making faster progress with this, but again, with all of the renovations and packing, I’ve been distracted.




But now I can’t wait to finish so I can start on some other cable patterns I’ve found! Am I going to share? Of course I am!!

This first one, Nennir, (below) is inspired by Celtic knots. I’m IN LOVE with this one! I’m also loving that this pattern can be easily made into a larger scarf, or even blanket. It’s knitted flat, which will help with the cable work.


© lucyhague


© lucyhague


For a hat option, this Quick Cable Slouch Hat, (below) is a perfect for Fall! I love that it’s simple, but looks difficult! This would be beautiful knitted up in a “fall-ish” color; I’m thinking an orangey-red.

by azure-m

by azure-m


The Fisher Cable Hat, (below) is great for the man in your life. Also simple, but the detailed edging makes it interesting. A quick knit, for a last minute gift! I’m thinking a great weekend project for my honey!

© Lindsey Felice, 2011

© Lindsey Felice, 2011


Oh, this one would be so cozy, sitting next to a fire in October! (It would probably take me that long to knit it up!) Aidez, (below) got a 4.4 rating on Ravelry, and the difficulty is just under medium… Hmm… I think I’ll give the above projects a go, before embarking on this one! But I can’t help myself, and will probably take up the challenge sooner (and then won’t be done until December)!

by ciriliarose

by ciriliarose

by ciriliarose

by ciriliarose

Well, there you have it! My obsession with cables is getting the better of me, and I think I may have to grow another pair of hands to complete all the projects I want… :::sigh::: Well, I was warned that knitting was going to take over my life… I just didn’t know how much! And I love every minute of it!