A Coral FO, More Dyeing, and a Trip to Florida

It’s time to pack up! Now that the renovations on the house are complete, we’re now tidying things up for our six week trip to Orlando, FL!! And I can’t wait to be back home! With all of the construction going on, a small town that doesn’t even have a movie theater, and the weather starting to get hot and humid, I’m ready to get to the States for some shopping, Starbucks, and air conditioning!  Best of all, we’ll also be house hunting!

On another note, I’m also happy to report that the lace diamond scarf is officially complete, and sent to the birthday girl!! It started off as just experimenting with new stitches. In fact, it was my first time stitching SSK and PSSO!  I think I did pretty well… IMG_2442 As you know, this was a long project for me, since we were doing a major rehab on the house.  But I tried to work on it as much as possible.  It was at this point (below) that I decided it would make a great gift for my future mother-in-law’s birthday. IMG_2981 When I finally got to the point that I was going insane to finally finish, I measured it out at about 60″. I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, and weaved in the ends. IMG_2983 Finally, I wet blocked it, and it took about 2 days to dry. I had an extra yoga mat that I wasn’t using, so I pinned the scarf out on that… funny, it wasn’t long enough for it! But it was only about an inch too short. IMG_3128 I found these great free gift tags from Laylock, and printed them out on cream card stock. On the back I wrote out the care instructions, then pinned to the scarf with some cotton twine, and it was ready to go! IMG_3134 IMG_3135 IMG_3136 Blocking really helped the diamond pattern to show through.  I was a little worried about blocking it, since it’s 100% courtelle, no wool at all. But it came out beautifully!  We had to ship it to her, since she’s in another city, so I’m still waiting on the verdict!  If you’d like the pattern, check out my Notes tab on my Fiber Bliss Facebook page!

:::: U P D A T E ::::

She loved it… naturally!! 😉

Now, on to dyeing!

Remember my last post on hand-dying?  Well, I L O V E D it so much that I was extremely excited to dye up this 100% virgin wool from Lion Brand’s Fishermen’s Wool line.  It’s a super smooshy, squishy, fluffy yarn, that would make an awesome cowl!  I also had 100g of wool roving I purchased a while ago, in an attempt to learn how to spin! IMG_2973 IMG_3020IMG_3030 IMG_3029 I decided to hand paint these instead of fully immersing them, to get variations in different colors, but then couldn’t decide what colors to go for!  I used my collection of embroidery floss to get a feel for the colors and combinations. I thought about autumn colors, but I’m more of a pink kinda gal!  So I went with that for the yarn, and  darker fall colors for the roving. IMG_3036 Since I had to wind the yarn into skein, I had a bit of a time doing that without a niddy noddy! I’ll have to invest in one soon! IMG_3021 IMG_3029 After soaking in with some vinegar for 30 minutes, I squeezed out as much as possible and laid it out for surgery! The plastic bottle I used was horrible, as it kept leaking! But it did the job, and I’ll definitely be outfitting my future craft room with better materials…. After I finished, I wrapped it up in plastic wrap, and microwaved for about 5 minutes.  When it cooled down, I rinsed it out, I let it dry in the wind! IMG_3024 IMG_3027 IMG_3028 IMG_3038 IMG_3040 IMG_3045 IMG_3044 For the roving, I did the same.  I expected the colors to be more deep, and have more of an autumn feel, but I didn’t add enough dye.  I still think it came out amazing! The muted colors actually makes it feel more spring-like in color tone! I can’t wait to spin it up!  I’ll be getting a drop spindle as soon as possible! YouTube will be my friend for that!! IMG_3041 IMG_3043 IMG_3042 I’ve completely fallen in love with hand-dyeing and painting yarn! And I have plans on expanding on it in the future, hopefully our new house will have a room I can make into a craft/studio room dedicated solely to fiber!  That will be added to the must-have list on our house hunting agenda… Do you have a room dedicated to crafts and knitting/crochet?


Knitting: Diamond Lace Scarf

Diamond Lace Scarf

I decided to finally start on a project for my future mother-in-law. I’ve noticed she loves wearing thin scarfs, and thought a lacy looking one would be fab to add to her collection.  Plus, I picked up this beautiful coral yarn from my local haberdashery (I didn’t even know what one was until I moved to South Africa).

This project is a combination of two patterns I took from the book “Little Book of Knitting.” I started with a regular double moss stitch, and started the lace pattern for the body of the scarf. I’m still trying to decide whether I should incorporate other patterns, or just keep it simple with the main lace. Once I’m finished, I’ll block it to make the eyelets more noticeable, and overall have more drape to it, instead of being thick and chunky.

Needles: US 6 straight

IMG_2435 IMG_2440 IMG_2442


For a list of my completed and current projects, click here. If you want to know the pattern, let me know and I’ll post a follow-up!