Yarn-aholics, Take Note!

Beautiful Chandi from Expression Fiber Arts is offering a $1500 Luxury Yarn Giveaway! Click here to enter!Β 

Expression Fiber ArtsΒ really helped me when I first started knitting. Chandi’s tutorials are easy and fun to follow, and her handspun yarns are A-MA-ZING!! A friend of mine orders from her regularly, so I’ve had the chance to feel the silky smooth decadence of her work.

Since I’m living here in South Africa, it’ll take forever to get some of my own (plus the cost of shipping!).. But I’ve decided I can’t go on without having my own, so I took the plunge and ordered a skein of her Mint Chocolate Chip Superwash Wool Lace. Β I was lucky enough to order one of her tester skeins, so it was at a discounted price. Look how beautiful it is! I can’t wait!! Now to figure out what I’ll make with it!


Expression Fiber Arts

Expression Fiber Arts – Chandi