Knitting Withdrawals

So for the last week I’ve been really sick. Apparently there’s a winter bug going around here in S.A., and my fiancΓ© and I caught it. You know what that meant: headaches, nausea, laying in bed all day, barely eating, and yeah, no knitting for me. I could barely muster the desire to get up to feed my cat, Mia.

Until the last couple of days I’ve basically just watched television while having that horrible dreaded feeling that I was going toss cookies everywhere (TMI). And of course I was missing my needles. The new yarn I received from African Expressions, literally just sat on the kitchen counter where I left them six days prior. Poor things. I was thoroughly disappointed, as they’re these lovely merino wool and silk blends. It was also frustrating because, as I’m sure you know from my previous posts, my WIPs count is three. Which might not seem like a lot, but I’m already antsy to start new projects! I want to finish already!


During the last week I also had the opportunity to do a lot of thinking! There’s plenty of changes we’re going through right now, including the possibility of making a move back to the States, and a new venture for me (which I’ll go into further as it gets closer along). And finishing up this renovation is at the top! So over all these tilers, plumbers, roofers, etc!

I did also get the chance to add to my never ending queue on Ravelry! Don’t you just love looking through all those beautiful creations? And got to create my Fiber Bliss Pinterest account… More patterns anyone?